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    Dog protects 3-year-old girl from Pitbull attack

    NewsWorld Dog NewsFriday 14 October 2011

    Fluffy, a friendly and calm dog, did not wait any second to protect its three-year-old owner from Pitbull attack last week in Brazil. 

    A ‘floppy-eared’dog has been given a new nickname in the Brazilian hometown, Campo Grande: Ferocious-When-Necessary. The playful and friendly dog reacted immediately to the attack of the Pitbull dog that entered into its owners home and headed for the 3-year-old girl. The Pitbull sank his teeth into the dog’s black-and-white back and dragged it out into the street, where the two continued fighting. Once they were both outside, the people started to gather nearby and neighbours threw rocks and pieces of wood trying to break up the canines, but nothing worked until a car came along and slammed into the Pitbull.

    The Pitbull's owner took both dogs to the vet. Both survived.

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    Text source: Mirror UK; image source:

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