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    Dog rescued from hot car in Exmouth

    NewsMonday 22 July 2013
    A dog that was left inside a car in this extremely hot weather we have been having lately, was rescued after it managed to set off the vehicle’s alarm. 
    The poor animal had been left in the back of a Chrysler people carrier parked next to the seafront in Exmouth, Devon, for around an hour as the temperatures around it reached 30°C on Friday afternoon, the Daily Mail reports. 
    Witnesses were at the scene and they said that the dog was yelping and barking in an attempt to be let out of the car. The front windows of the vehicle were reported to have only been slightly opened and the animal was left with no water. 
    A police officer was called by a dog warden in the early afternoon and the officer then proceeded to smash the back window of the car.
    The dog was then cooled down with wet towels in order to calm it down, before the window was broken and the dog was lifted out. 
    Witnesses said that as soon as the animal was let loose it “went nuts”, but later relaxed and appeared to have no lasting damage. 
    Richard Benford, witnessed the incident, and he told the Daily Mail: “A lady who appeared to be some sort of animal warden climbed through the small smashed window to get the dog, which was brave because it could have bitten her.
    “The dog was clearly distressed and hard to handle. They put wet towels on it before it was calm enough to push through the window.
    “It was clearly traumatised and went out of control. It was shocking.
    “A crowd of around 40 people had formed to watch what was happening. We all applauded when the dog was freed.
    “Clearly people were very concerned about the dog but were also very angry.
    “I believe the front window might have been opened a little but nowhere near enough for that heat. Especially as the dog was in the back.”
    A police spokesman also spoke to the paper saying: “The dog was in distress inside the car and had managed to set off the car alarm.
    “The officer managed to get some wet towels inside to cool it off but was unable to get it out of the car so smashed the window the free the dog.
    “The owner turned up at around the same time and the RSPCA are being informed of the matter.”
    This is a stark reminder of how dangerous this heat can be for dogs. Remember, you should NEVER leave your dogs in the car in the heat and you should always ensure that your pets are well hydrated throughout the day and aren’t partaking in any exercise that is too strenuous. 
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