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    Dog trapped in hot car in Pinchbeck

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 12 October 2011

    The passerby people spent over half an hour trying to rescue a distressed Labrador dog from a hot car in Pinchbeck last Thursday afternoon.

    The witnesses told that the dog was panting heavily and its tongue was lolling out. The dog was lurching backwards and forwards in the back seat of the car parked close to shopping mall. The windows in the car were closed and the day was hot. People gathering near the car started to cover it with a blanked in order to stop the sun. Finally, after over half an hour, a man came accusing all the people of making a fuss and shortly after left away.

    The women didn’t have the number of the RSPCA to hand, so called the police instead. The dog’s owner had driven off before the police arrived but one of the women gave the officer the car’s registration number. A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said they had since visited the man and offered him some advice. However, the dog was fine and unless the officer had witnessed it in distress there was little they could do.

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    Text source: Spalding Today UK; Image source: petautosafetyblog

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