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    Dogs being tear gassed in Turkey protests

    NewsWorld Dog NewsWednesday 12 June 2013
    Heart breaking images have emerged of dogs getting caught up in the carnage and mayhem of the protests happening in Turkey, Istanbul. The photos have been uploaded online to social networking sites to show how even something as innocent as a dog can get caught up in political problems.
    The photos uploaded to Twitter show dogs getting tear-gassed and also being cleaned up by concerned onlookers. One photo shows a dog, with its eyes clearly red, being wiped down by concerned citizens. Another photo shows a dog wearing a protective mask that calls for resistance in the protests. It is unknown who the dogs belong to and they could even be strays.
    The pictures were published at the same time activists are calling for a ban of tear gas in the country and called for the police to be less harsh with the police chiefs to resign. It is unlikely that the dogs were deliberately targeted by Police but more likely caught in the cross fire.  Some people on the social media networks were critising people for bringing their dogs to the protests. 
    Turkey’s problems started when a group wanted to prevent authorities from ripping up tress from a park in Taksim. It has since developed into a severe nationwide movement. Over 1,00 people have been arrested and more than 3,300 people have been detained. One 22 year old man has also died during the protest.
    The Prime Minister Mr Erdogan has described the protestors as ‘looters’ and sees the protests organised by extremists. Currently he is having a hard job of ending the protests and they are still continuing. 
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikimedia
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