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    Dogs being trained to detect breast cancer

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsThursday 14 March 2013
    A scientist in Buckinghamshire is going to lead a project to find out if dogs can sniff out breast cancer. 
    Dr Claire Guest was training dogs to detect other cancers when one of the dogs "warned her". Since then she was found to have an early developed breast tumor.
    Patients would give a breath sample and Dr Guest hopes that an electronic nose can be developed from her project. This is under a scheme from Medical Detection Dogs which is a charity that begin when it was claimed in 2004 then dogs could detect bladder cancer.
    The questions that now have to be worked out are;
    Is this true or just coincidence?
    Can dogs be reliable in their responses?
    Are they able to identify the cancer from an early enough point to stop it?
    Source: BBC
    Photo Souce: Wikimedia
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