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    Dogs use specific range of facial expressions to display their emotions

    NewsDog CuriositiesWednesday 31 July 2013

    A new study has found that dogs display a range of facial expressions to display their emotions. For example they will raise their eyebrows when seeing their owners and also cock their ears when meeting a strange for the first time.

    The research was carried out by a team in Japan who were part of the department of animal science at te Azabu University in Sagamihara who studied dogs closely to find out if there was any link. They used high-speed cameras and noted that when dogs were united with their owners, their eyebrows would move upwards for half a second after seeing them. They also discovered that when dogs were introduced to someone unknown they would ever so slightly move their left ears back.

    The results of the study were published in the journal Behavioural Processes.

    The team from Japan placed 12 dogs in a room divided by curtains that opened briefly so the dogs could glimpse what was on the other side. High speed cameras would track their expression. When the curtain opened owners, strangers, toys and things that the dogs did not like would be placed in front of them. Researchers would then monitor their expressions.

    Dr Nagasawa who helped lead the research said that

    'One explanation for this result is that presentation of the owner elicited both negative and positive emotions.

    'A negative response might appear … perhaps because the dogs could not approach and touch their owners despite seeing them through the partitions.'

    'Canids are highly social and communicate using an abundant array of facial expressions.

    'These communication methods might play an important role in their communication with humans.'

    Photo: Wikimedia

    Source: Daily Mail

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