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    Drinking Skills: Dogs vs Cats

    NewsDog CuriositiesWednesday 25 May 2011

    Scientists rebut the theory that dogs and cats use different techniques to drink. An elegant lap for felines and a messy scoop for dogs use the same balance between inertia and gravity to draw liquid into their mouths and quench their thirst.

    US researchers report in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters reveals that dogs use the same gravity-defying lapping technique as cats although it results difficult to change their reputation as messy drinkers. It was thought that dogs formed the bottom of their tongue into a cup shape and scooped water into the floor of their mouth. However, the scientists using high-speed cameras and x-ray technology, have discovered that just like cats, dogs fold the tip of their tongue backwards so that the top of the tongue penetrates the surface of the liquid.


    The only difference between cats and dogs was the fact that the cats tended not to break the surface of the water with their tongues, while dogs opted to penetrate their tongues deep into the bowl. Due to the one of the scientists that might be due to a difference in grooming.


    Please refer to the research for more information.


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