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    Faith's Story - From Death Row To Loving Home

    NewsWednesday 26 November 2014


    A few months ago, the gorgeous Faith was in a kennel after being found as an unclaimed stray. Just one day before she was due to be put down, Rescue Remedies stepped in - placing Faith into a foster home before she was adopted by Carla and Dave from Hove, East Sussex. 

    Their story highlights the vital work charities like Rescue Remedies do, as well as what to expect when adopting a rescue dog.   


    When a dog is found as a non-microchipped stray, they are given seven days in the dog pound for an owner to come forward before they are euthanised. Faith's time was running out when Rescue Remedies visited the kennel and saw what a wonderful pet she would make. The charity took on Faith, assessed her to get an idea of her personality and placed her in a foster home so potential new owners could see her in the best possible environment.

    Rescue Remedies are an internet-based dog rescue run solely by volunteers and specialise in finding homes for terriers- they run two sister rescues: Terrier Rescue and Staffie Rescue. They are renowned for coming forward for dogs that would usually have difficulty finding homes and use foster homes where possible.

    We spoke to Faith's now-owner Carla about the adoption process and how little Faith is getting on now! 


    What made you want to rescue a dog?

    "We’d been talking about getting a dog for some years. It was only recently that we realised the time will never be ‘100% right’ and we explored a few different avenues. It seemed that rescuing a dog really was the best thing to do as we weren’t able to dedicate enough time to a very young puppy. Once we’d visited a few rescue shelters and saw how many dogs needed a loving home, we were set on rescuing one.  We now can’t imagine doing anything else! It’s so rewarding knowing that you are changing one little dog's life forever."


    How did you come to decide on the breed?

    "We know that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very loyal, loving breeds as a few of our friends own them. We also know how much of a bad press they get and the stigma that is often attached to them. After lots of conversations with various people, we agreed that bad dogs are products of bad owners and we were being very unfair judging a dog by it’s breed.

    Now we have Faith we can honestly say we love the Staffy breed. They’re so loving, loyal and cute. We also love the idea of changing a few people’s views on a very misunderstood dog. So far, we haven’t had any bad feedback and she already seems to be a local celebrity where we live! She loves to play with other dogs and she loves to be around people - we couldn’t really ask for any more! I think we may now be Staffy owners for life."

    What was the procedure to adopt Faith?

    "I had a few phone calls with a very helpful lady called Vicky, from Rescue Remedies. We talked at length about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, if we were ready and what we were looking for. We answered lots of practical questions about our lifestyle and our flat and garden etc. We then kept looking on the Rescue Remedies website and after only a few days of looking, we came across Faith’s story.

    We phoned Vicky and asked lots of questions which is when she put us in touch with the foster family Faith was staying with. We asked them lots of questions too and then arranged a visit at their house so we could meet her. It was love at first sight and we arranged to collect Faith in 3 days time, once we’d had a chance to get her all that she needed to live with us.

    It was so nice to see her calm, in a loving family home and playing happily with children and other dogs. Something that you can’t always see when the dogs are in shelters or kennels."

    What in particular made you choose her?

    "Both Dave and I have parents living locally who, between them, have a labrador and 2 sprocker spaniels. We really wanted a dog that could fit in easily with other dogs as we knew they’d be spending a fair bit of time with each other. Faith’s profile said how good she was with all dogs, both male and female. As well as her little innocent white face, black spots and floppy ears!"


    How is she settling in?

    "Faith really is a little gem.

    She has adapted to us so quickly. She mastered sitting, staying and giving her paw in just one weekend after getting her. She also sleeps happily on her bed all night without a peep. She is very relaxed and loving and always has her little tail wagging. We couldn’t be happier with how she’s settling in."

    What are her favourite things to do/eat?

    "We are practising leaving Faith at home on her own and trying to gradually increase the amount of time we leave her for. We’ve discovered that one of her favourite things is a kong stuffed with mackerel. This can keep her entertained for hours as she tries to get to the mackerel and she soon forgets we’ve left! She also loves the beach - we live right by the coast in Hove and she gets to run around on the beach, smelling new things and playing with different dogs every day!"

    Does she have any bad habits?

    "Faith genuinely has no bad habbits and is a pleasure to be around. The only thing we need to work on is getting her used to her reflection! She gets a little anxious being left alone but this is understandable considering her disruptive past. We are confident she will settle soon and feel more independent being alone!"


    Would you adopt a dog again?

    "100%. Not only are we content in the knowledge that we’ve helped give little Faith the loving home she deserves, we have met so many other dog lovers on our walks, who are thrilled that she’s been rescued. There’s such a problem with dogs needing homes across the UK and especially the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed.

    Give one the home it’s waiting for and you will forever have a loyal best friend!"


    Faith was lucky to find such a loving home, especially as her start in life is so typical of many dogs in the UK. Dog pounds and shelters are already overflowing with Staffordshire Bull Terriers just like Faith, and their unfair bad reputation means they struggle to get adopted. Battersea are running a campaign to stand up for Staffies and let everyone know that they're really Softer Than You Think, so check it out and learn more about this sweet, friendly breed. 

    Fostering is also a vital part of any dog rescue - check out our article on the benefits of fostering a rescue. If you think it's something you would be interested in you can contact Rescue Remedies for more information. Many charities are in desperate need of foster homes so contact your local shelter if you could help.

    Thanks to Rescue Remedies, Carla and Dave have found a new family member and best friend, and saved a life in the process. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life, please consider adopting from a shelter - in exchange for your kindness your new best pal will give you many years of affection and companionship!

    Give a dog in need the ultimate gift this year- check out our shelter directory for rescues near you! But remeber that a dog is not just for Christmas!



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