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    Family of Jade Lomas-Anderson calls for tougher rules on dog ownership.

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 17 April 2013
    The family of the girl who was mauled to death by dogs has called for tougher rules on the ownership of dangerous dogs. Rather than blaming certain breeds, they are calling for stricter rules on certain owners.
    It is thought that Jade Lomas-Anderson was mauled by a pack of out of control dogs as she started eating a meat pie. One dog viscously attacked her then the others followed. The dogs responsible were shot by police in the backyard after they failed to keep them under control. The dogs were two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers. There was also Shitzu but this was said to be under control.
    Police were unable to prosecute the owner of the dogs who attacked Jade due to the attack being on private property and that the dogs were not illegal breeds. Police however did not rule out that a prosecution may be brought in the future. An official commented that "At this stage of the inquiry we do not have anything evidentially to categorically prove a crime has been committed, therefore it is unlikely at this stage we will be seeking to bring a prosecution. That is not to say that no prosecution will ever be brought, and we still have a number of inquiries to make.
    "While we do not want to be drawn on the politics surrounding the legislation of dangerous dogs, we are nonetheless bound by the law. As always, our thoughts are with Jade's family, and we continue to offer them support at such a difficult time in their lives."
    Jade's relatives wants dog owners to hold more responsibility for dogs on private property. They have created a petition and looking for over 100,000 signatures in the hopes of triggering a House Of Commons debate in London.
    Jade’s mother and step father appear on the “This Morning” show with a public appeal about the rules regarding dogs. Her step father argues that all dogs should be microchipped and licensed automatically.
    One such option that may come into force are “Dog Control Notices” If a dog is deemed to be out of control. This would include measures such as muzzling a dogs mouth, requiring it to be kept on a leash and neutering the animal.
    He also believes that should be a limit on the number of dogs you can keep by saying that “two is more than enough” and the size of the property and amount of exercise given should be taken into account.
    Jades mother commented to The Sun that "It's unbelievable, outrageous that no action is being taken," she said. "The police said they had to abide by the law, but we'll never let this go. People need to be held responsible for their actions."
    Photo: Vorstius
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