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    Fatal dog disease returns to Sandringham

    NewsUK Dog NewsMonday 19 September 2011

    A seasonal illness that might result fatal to dogs has come back to Sandringham, Norfolk, after several dogs have fallen ill in the past two weeks. 

    Eleven dogs have fallen ill after being walked in woods on the Norfolk estate opened to the public this month, according to the Telegraph UK. The illness was identified for the first time at the estate and other woodland areas between September and November 2009.  The Seasonal Canine Illness affected almost 40 dogs last autumn, six of which died. The Queen reportedly requested personally the Animal Health Trust (AHT) veterinary charity to investigate the case. "The general advice to people walking dogs through wooded areas is to be vigilant and if you have any concerns, contact your vet immediately. It seems that this is a seasonal illness but it is best to stay vigilant at all times of the year. It is believed that the cause of the illness is a bacteria, blue-green algae or fungal spores are responsible. Symptoms in dogs might appear as vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy. Sandringham is issuing questionnaires to dog owners to help them discover the cause of the illness. Sandringham indicates that the cause of the illness has not been pinpointed but was prevalent last autumn. 

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    Text source: The Telegraph UK; Image source:

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