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    Ferrets being sold as toy poodles on market in Argentina

    NewsWorld Dog NewsWednesday 10 April 2013
    You would be pretty annoyed if you set off to your local breeder to buy your family a toy poodle when soon after you realise that it is in fact a ferret that has been fed a cocktail of steroids and grromed to perfection. It would annoy you somewhat no? Chances are this would never happen in the first place as noone would fall for it right?
    Sadly not. There have been reports in Argentina that market traders have been breeding ferrets and feeding them with steroids to make their bodies much larger. They also groom them to perfection to make them look just like a poodle. It is all said to be happening at La Salado which is Argentina’s largest bazar market. They are said to sell for around £100 each.
    A retired man from a province of Argentina called Catamarca could not believe his luck when he found the “pure bred dogs” at such a low price. It was only when he came home and realised that they started to look like the infamous “Brazilian Rats” that he became suspicious. The term Brazilian Rat is slang used by Argentinians for ferrets.
    His suspicions were confirmed when he brought them to the vet for their routine check up with the vet saying they were in fact ferrets. It is said that another woman was also conned when buying a Chiuhuahua but ended up with another pumped up ferret.
    On Dogs and Puppies toy poodles are selling for an average of ~£500. A ferret to bring up and raise would cost considerably less. There is clearly money to be made by the criminals who do this. Finding a victim foolish enough would seem to be the hardest part.
    La Salado is said to be the largest market in the whole of South America and also illegal. It could explain how such an elaborate scam was able to be pulled off.
    Attached below is a video of the original news report however it is in Spanish.
    Photo: Wikimedia

    Source: Daily Mail
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