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    Fight at RSPCA Centre – two dogs put down

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 05 August 2011

    Two dogs had to be put to sleep after a fight that took place at open day at RSPCA Centre last Sunday, 31st July, in Altham, according to Manchester Evening News. 

    One of the dogs that were waiting to be re-homed attacked a 13-year-old dog of one of the visitors attending the opening day. Megan, the dog of one of 900 visitors, was immediately taken to emergency and treated to serious injuries. Although the staff and the vets managed to save her life, the dog’s owner after being given the details about the dog’s conditions, decided to put the dog to sleep due to the canine’s age and ongoing problems with arthritis and psychological problems the dog could have.

    The RSPCA staff is investigating a case to know exactly what happened.

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    Text source: The Manchester Evening News, image source:

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