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    Find your Diamond in the Ruff with Dog’s Trust

    NewsShelter Dog SundayWednesday 30 August 2017

    With National Dogs Day just behind it’s been a time to celebrate Man’s best friend. However the sad reality is that many of our canine friends are in need of good homes.

    Dogs Trust, formerly known as the National Canine Defence League, is an animal welfare charity and humane society in the United Kingdom which specialises in the well-being of dogs. The charity rehabilitates and finds new homes for dogs which have been abandoned or given up by their owners. It also runs microchipping and neutering schemes in the United Kingdom and abroad, in order to reduce the number of unwanted litters of puppies and stray dogs euthanized by other organisations.

    Dogs Trust have cared for over 15,000 dogs and rehomed 13,000 dogs in 2016 alone and receive a call every 15 minutes from a member of the public looking to give up their dog. (35,000 calls a year)

    Dog’s Trust have made a fun puzzle for the public featuring five dogs that are in need of their forever home.

    Dog’s Trust CEO Adrian Burder said: “Finding the right dog for you may seem hard at first, but we want to encourage people to take a closer look. Sometimes, when you look hard enough, you’ll find a perfect canine companion.

    Each one of the dog’s profiles in the puzzle are below- anyone interested in adopting one of the adorable pooches below can call 0300 303 0292.

    For more information please go to


    Good luck finding the diamonds in the ruff!



    Age: 18 months old

    Breed: Shar-pei/Bulldog cross

    Location: Shrewsbury

    You’ll need sharp wits to spot Max, this 18 month-old Shar-pei cross Bulldog cross. Max is a wonderful boy who is a huge hit with everyone at the rehoming centre. He is super sociable and loves the company of people and other dogs. He loves playing with toys and balls are his favourite! He is very well behaved and happy travelling in the car. Max is a real softie and just adores people. He will make a wonderful addition to a family home. Max has previously lived with other dogs and small children so will happy living with other dogs and children aged two and over.



    Age: 7 yrs

    Breed: Lurcher 

    Location: Harefield

    Then there’s Lionel, a seven year old Lurcher. He’s a lovely lad who’s had a bit of a ruff ride recently - having been overlooked a few times. He is a super clever boy who knows several commands such as paw, sit and lay down.



    Age: 8 yrs 

    Breed: Jack Russell

    Location: Darlington

    Zeva’s a lovely, older lady who loves of fuss, attention and curling up on her canine carer's knee. Despite her age, Zeva is still super active, she loves exploring new places and playing with her toys. This lass is very independent and enjoys her own space, away from four legged friends, although she doesn’t mind meeting the odd dog when she is out and about on her lead. Zeva loves the company of other people so is looking for a home where her new owners will be around for the majority of the day. She is house trained and has wonderful manners. She can live with children aged 10 and over. Zeva will make a fantastic addition to a loving, family home with experienced dog owners, specifically those who have owned a Jack Russell Terrier before. 



    Age: 4 yrs

    Breed: Staffordshire cross  bull terrier 

    Location: Loughborough

    Next up there’s Reedus, a four-year-old Staffordshire cross bull terrier. This guy’s a larger-than-life character, full of energy, fun and love. He loves to explore, play, learn, and get involved in anything that’s going on. Reedus just loves people.

    He’s been at dog’s trust for 11 months and is looking for a home with adults only and no other pets.  



    Age: Five

    Breed: Greyhound

    Location: Shrewsbury

    Lastly, there’s Stevie - a five year old greyhound. A born entertainer, Stevie loves to play, especially with his squeaky toys. He’s smart too, and is a quick learner, so his owners need to keep his brain busy.


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