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    Fire crews in the USA with oxygen masks for dogs and other pets of all sizes

    NewsWorld Dog NewsThursday 02 May 2013

    Firemen in San Diego, California have been issued new equipment which includes oxygen masks for pets.

    The new equipment has been created by a pet charity called the Emma Zen Foundation and the oxygen masks have been designed to fit around almost any household pet from animals as big as dogs to small furry creatures like Hamsters.
    Already they have been successfully used after a fire broke out in a house in Ocean Beach in San Diego. A dog called Spyder was brought back to live after being overcome by smoke.
    Futhermore the fireman who use the equipment are also being taught how to perform CPR on pets in case of an emergency that could save their lives.
    San Diego Fire-Rescue Capt. Harold Lemire commenting 'It's going to standardize the equipment that we use and there won't be a delay in trying to figure out how to put an adult mask or something that works on a human on a pet,'
    'When you can say to a family, 'We saved your pet,' everything else doesn't matter. That family is so happy and appreciative. They thank you; that give the fire fighters such a great feeling, it makes them just as excited as if they had saved a human,'
    The masks come in three different sizes and cost around $75 a unit. They are longer than a typical human gas mask so they can allow a snout to fit it. They also have a rubber seal to hold them in place.
    Debra Jo Chiapuzio  from the Emma Zen foundation, the charity that have designed the masks said that ‘These actually close the jowls on the pet and deliver the oxygen directly to the pet's nostrils so it simulates proper CPR,'
    Currently they are only being used by one fire department but if they prove popular then we could be seeing them rolled out across the USA and even the USA
    Source: Daily Mail

    Photo: Jinx

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