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    Forgotten dog waits patiently for TWO DAYS at rest stop until owner comes to find him

    NewsDog Health and WellbeingFriday 08 June 2012
    Dogs and Puppies

    Their trust and loyalty have earned dogs a reputation as 'man's best friend', but this puppy went beyond the call of duty - when he waited for his owner at a motorway rest stop for two days.

    The nine-month old Yorkie, called Rambo, was left at the stop in Hannibal, Missouri, after owner Michael Siau got out of his truck to stretch his legs  and failed to realise his dog had joined him.

    Mr Siau, who normally keeps his puppy on the truck's back seat, thought Rambo was sleeping and did not notice his absence until he reached Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 170 miles away.

    He knew that the rest stop was the only place the dog could have escaped, but could not turn around as he had to finish his 900-mile delivery to North Dakota.

    A tearful Mr Siau accidentally called police in the wrong town for two days on the road before contacting the local animal unit, who found Rambo patiently waiting right where his master had left him.

    The ordeal was especially harrying for Mr Siau, who had only just got back on the road having taken six months off after he lost Rambo's father Ollie.

    Ollie, who had also accompanied the trucker on his trips, was run over last October.

    The Hannibal Animal Unit picked Rambo up in the nick of time, just before a family stopping in the town were about to take the dog home.
    Mr Siau picked up the puppy as he made his way back through Hannibal after finishing his delivery.

    'I was freaking out. I had to calm down and think about how he could have possibly gotten out,' Mr Siau told the Hannibal Courier-Post.

    'And it came to me that was the only time that I could have got out and I wouldn’t have seen him. I was just sure he was there.'

    Source: Daily Mail

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