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    Girl and boy left with serious injuries after TWO separate dog maulings follow horrific attack on toddler

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 13 June 2012
    Dogs and Puppies

    Two more children have been left scarred for life after unprovoked dog attacks.
    Nine-year-old Harry Dennard was left screaming in pain after a Rottweiler tore into his arm and left a gash as 'wide as an open book'.

    Rebecca Learmouth, six, was left clutching her bleeding face after a dog ripped into her.
    The attack marks the third serious attack on a young child in Britain since the start of the month.

    Two-year-old Keiron Guess was left needing seven hours of surgery to rebuild his face after being savaged by a neighbour's Staffordshire bull terrier on June 3.
    In young Harry's case he will not see the dog's owners brought to justice because the attack happened at his friend's house, rather than a public place.

    He had knocked at a friend’s door in Mottingham, south London, when the dog ran out of the house and lunged at him.

    After the attack, the owners chose to have the animal put down, but police said they were powerless to take any other action.

    The legal loophole in the Dangerous Dogs Act  has enraged Harry's mother, Louise Clark, who rushed to his side following the attack on May 30.

    Harry suffered a massive gash in his arm, wounds to the chest and needed to spend a weekend at St Thomas’s Hospital in London following a two-hour operation to remove infected tissue.

    Ms Clark, a 32-year-old care assistant, said: 'The police said it was not a dangerous dog because it bit Harry on (the owner’s) property, which I think is ridiculous.

    'The owners were very upset and apologised. They were distraught. But it should not have taken Harry to get bit (for it to be destroyed). It could have been prevented.
    'It was a bomb waiting to happen. They should have destroyed it a long time ago.'


    Describing the attack, she said: 'There was a seven to nine inch gash in his arm. It was like a book had opened on his arm. The dog was shaking to kill.

    'It was biting Harry for at least 30 seconds. He was screaming and crying his eyes out in pain. I heard the screaming and rushed over there.

    'Thankfully Harry didn’t fall over, otherwise the dog would have ripped his throat out and killed him. He wouldn’t be here now.'

    She added: 'He’s quite wary of dogs now. I’m thinking of getting him counselling to help rebuild his confidence. He’s having nightmares and wakes up in the night.

    'This has been the most horrific time of my life - watching your child go into theatre. He’s so small, but he was so brave.'

    The owners of the Rottweiler declined to comment.
    In a separate incident Rebecca was playing with friends near her home in Byker, Newcastle, when she spotted a man with a pair of dogs and asked if she could stroke them.

    She was warned not to touch the male Staffordshire bull terrier, so instead stroked the other dog, a female.
    But the male, which was on a lead, suddenly turned round and launched its jaws into her face.

    A neighbour found Rebecca and rushed her back home.
    Her mother Louise Cavanagh, who has reported the incident to police, told The Sun: 'I never thought there could be so much blood - it was all over the floor. She could have lost an eye."

    Rebecca was taken to hospital and treated for wounds around her eye, nose, cheek and mouth.
    Earlier this month, two-year-old Kieron Guess was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog in Swindon.

    Keiron lives with his mum Stacey, 22, father Anthony, 23, and his brother Mckenzie, aged four, in a home backing on to a property where the dog lived.
    Again its owner will not face criminal charges because the attack on Keiron took place on private property.

    Source: Daily Mail


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