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    Girl of 14 said to have been killed by pack of dogs

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 27 March 2013
    A 14 year old girl from Wigan is believed to have been killed by a pack of out of control dogs whilst she was trying to eat her food.
    Yesterday, Jade Anderson was discovered after an attack that had wounds that were said to be consitant with a dog attack.
    It is thought that she was visiting the property near Wigan and was left alone with the 4 dogs. The dogs were interested in her food and this is when it is believed she got attacked.
    It is believed that she bought a meat pie, brought it to the home and as she was about to eat it one of the dogs leapt to her throat and soon after they all attacked as a pack. The dogs were said to be two bullmastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers. There was also a fifth dog that has been “secured”.
    When the police arrived they noticed that the dogs were  “aggressive and out of control” and humanely destroyed the four in the garden. The dogs remains will be eximaned and investigated to try to piece together exactly what happened.
    Neighbours have described the dogs as ‘really scary’ and ‘always growling and barking’. They are thought to have been Beverley Concannon's dogs and Jade was visiting the house as she was friends with her daughter.
    A message on the school’s Twitter feed said: “This afternoon we sadly lost one of our students, Jade Anderson. Our thoughts are with her parents and family.” Also over 4,500 people have joined a Facebook group to pay tribute to Jade.
    Under new government plans the aim is that all dogs will have to be microchipped and also the Police will be given new powers to tackle dangerous dogs. It is estimated that around 210,00 people are attached by dogs every year in England. 
    Source: Mirror
    Photo: Eran Finkle
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