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    Google's car allegedly runs over a dog in Yumbel, Chile

    NewsWorld Dog NewsTuesday 27 May 2014

    Ever since it was launched, Google Street View has faced several controversies, sometimes related to topics of privacy violation and indiscretion issues, to the point of including images of naked people or even a deceased body.

    However, a dog could have been run over by one the vehicles as it was photographing the city of Yumbel, in Chile.

    As the scene displays, the car runs through O’Higgins Street heading intersection with Carrera, where a dog was running next to a car. This car had stopped to allow Google's automobile follow its path, but the dog can still be seen reaching the corner. After that image, the dog is shown laying on his back on the asphalt. There is also a girl glancing over the dog's direction. Overall, the scene seems to reflect an accident.

    It is not the first time an animal is told to have been hit by the famous car. Months ago. Google Street View was accused of a similar incident in Botswana, when the images supposedly display a donkey being run over by one the automobiles.

    These images display the sequence.


    Source and images: and Google Street View.



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