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    Great Dane Eats 43 and a Half Socks!

    NewsFriday 05 September 2014

    A 64kg Great Dane in the US has won a prize after vets removed 43.5 socks from his stomach.


    The three year old pooch, from Portland, Oregon, was taken to vets after falling ill. An X-ray revealed a large amount of foreign material in the canine’s stomach and the vets decided on surgery to remove it. However, during the operation, they were in for a big surprise.

    "We opened up his stomach and kept removing sock after sock of all different shapes and sizes," said Dr. Ashley Magee at Dove Lewis Animal Hospital.


    The Great Dane had apparently always had a fondness of chewing socks, but nobody had any idea he was swallowing them. Until the vets started removing socks from his stomach like hankies from a magician's pocket, that is.

    Hospital staff were so bemused by the gentle giant’s eating habbits that they submitted the X-ray image of his stomach to a contest entitled "They Ate WHAT?", organised by vet magazine Veterinary Practice News. He came third place and won the hospital $500, beaten only by a frog who ate more than 30 decorative rocks from it's tank and a German Shepard Pointer who swallowed a metal shish kebab skewer.


    Fortunately the operation went smoothly, and colossal canine was discharged from hospital the very next day. Let’s just hope next time he fancies a scooby-snack the sock drawer is well and truly locked.

    "Nom nom nom! More socks please!"


    Given their enormous size its no surprise to us that this Great Dane had an appetite to match!

    If you think a Scooby-style dining companion is for you, then why not find out more about the breed on our Great Dane breed guide? And don’t forget to check out our Great Danes for sale.




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