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    Healthy dogs put down

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 06 September 2011

    Totally healthy and lovely dogs are being put down by bored and heartless dog owners, according to the Daily Echo. 

    The spokeswoman from Waggy Tails informed that dog owners get bored with their dogs when they grow up. There are many people who is interested in owning a puppy but not an older dog. The animals are not toys and one cannot just get rid off them. Others simply do not train their puppies properly and later on cannot handle their behaviour or owning an adult dog starts to become expensive. Many dogs end up in vet clinics to be put down from where they are moved to animal shelters hoping they get rehomed. When getting a dog, one should carefully consider whether there is a place for a dog in her/his life. 

    Anyone who is interested in providing a home for a dog should call Waggy Tails on 01202 875000 or the Margaret Green Foundation Trust on 01929 471340.

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    Text source: The Daily Echo UK and  image source:

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