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    Help Shut Down The Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

    NewsFriday 24 October 2014


    Terror, torture and a painful death. These are things no creature should have to endure but its very much a reality for tens of thousands of dogs in Thailand every year who become victims of the dog meat trade.



    The terrified canines, who often have been stolen from loving families, are crushed into cages with many other dogs and transported to neighbouring countries. The cramped conditions during transport are hoffific and many dogs die of suffocation or disease on the journey - they are the lucky ones.

    Dogs that survive transportation are not just killed. They are beaten and then skinned or boiled alive - their captors believe that being in pain causes the dogs to release adrenaline, which allegedy makes their meat more tender. 


    Soi Dog, who work to improve the welfare of dogs in Thailand, frequently rescue traumatized canines from the meat trade and find them loving forever homes. They have created a video, starring Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench and other celebrities, to raise awareness of this barbaric industry. Watch it below:


    Ask Thailand's leaders to crack down on dog meat traders by signing the petition here - it takes less than a minute and will help save lives.


    If you think you can provide a loving home to a dog in need, head down to your local shelter and pick up a loyal and gentle companion today. 



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