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    Hilary Swank and her dog get kicked out from cafe

    NewsFamous Dog NewsThursday 29 September 2011

    Hilary Swank, Oscar-winning actress, was asked to leave a cafe in Escalon, California (USA) by its owner because of her dog.  

    Hilary Swank ordered an egg salad sandwich to go but because of her dog companion, she was asked to leave the café. The owner of the restaurant had to do so as Hilary Swank was holding her dog under her arm and it is prohibited to enter the cafe with animals due to the health codes. The owner of the café admitted that he did not know at the time that the dog’s owner was Hilary Swank. She briefly left the cafe to get a vest for the dog, which she explained is a service animal. Then she had to go out again because she tried to pay the $10 tab with an American Express card and the cafe does not accept it. The man had no idea who he had been talking to until the actress signed her ticket to settle the tab. Hilary Swank seemed to leave the cafe quite annoyed.

    However, the actress came back to the cafe two hours later – this time without her dog. Hilary Swank refilled her iced tea and compliment the owner on the egg salad sandwich. As evidence that Swank had no hard feelings toward the owner of the cafe, she posed for a picture and autographed a menu before she left.

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    Text source: AZ Central; image source:

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