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    House fire drama in Dereham

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 20 October 2011

    A man had to jump from a bedroom window and throw his dog down to a passer-by as the home he and his wife had spent 21 years renovating was burning.

    The owner of the house in Dereham was home alone together with his 6-year-old Bearded Collie, Cooper last Sunday night when the fire broke out. At the beginning the man thought it was a bonfire, however once he went in to the lounge, he noticed it was filled with smoke. While the man was searching for its dog upstairs the house, the smoke started to come through the floorboards. Once the house was in complete darkness he could not get downstairs and so opened a window which faced the main street and shouted for help. A young couple heard him so he could safely throw his dogs and then managed to jump down to the street himself.

    It appears the fire was caused by an electrical fault in a washing machine which was in an airing cupboard downstairs.The man and his wife are facing up to having lost all their possessions and being out of their grade II listed house for between six months and a year as repair work is done.

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    Text source: The Edp24; image

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