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    Icelandic Volcano and your dog's health

    NewsDog Health and WellbeingTuesday 24 May 2011

    The volcanic ash may cause breathing problems, eyes irritation, runny nose or a sore throat including a dry cough. This includes both humans and animals.

    Though everyone fears that the last year scenario might repeat, the Iceland’s Meteorological Office says that the  eruption is unlikely to have the same impact as Eyjafjallajokul in 2010 as the ash falls to the ground more quickly and do not float long distance. The Health Protection Agency is advising that the plume of volcanic ash over the north Atlantic is not currently a risk to public health in the United Kingdom and has no impact on public health in the UK (as well as it had no impact in 2010). 

    We reminds basic guidelines to pet owners issued by British Veterinary Association last year:
    • if you notice any symptoms or smell sulfur, rotten eggs or a strong acidic smell take reasonable action to protect your pets by limiting their time outdoors
    • any pets with respiratory problems should be well protected from the atmosphere
    • cover outdoor aviaries to protect birds
    • find suitable shelter for any pets that usually live outdoors.

    The HPA keeps on monitoring the plume’s movement with Meteorological Office and others.

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