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    Keep Your Canine Companion Warm in The Chilly Months!

    NewsTuesday 27 January 2015

    Ensuring that your pets are kept warm in the colder months of the year is an essential idea. It means that you can take your trusted dog out for a walk when the wind is biting your ears without having to worry about your furry best friend’s warmth and well-being.

    There is a vast variety of choice when it comes to purchasing accessories for pets, and it is important that you ensure that when buying a rug or coat for your dog, you choose the correct size. A proper fit is essential, because dogs really aren’t too comfortable wearing anything on their bodies. So if it is uncomfortable or restricts their movement then you really are going to end up in their bad books.

    When measuring your pooch for a rug or coat, you should never cut corners as a poorly fitting garment can even end up being dangerous. If the coat is too tight then it can restrict the animal’s blood circulation or interfere with its natural movement and breathing. Also, if the clothing is too loose then it can tangle your pet’s legs or fall down over his or her eyes, which can also be a safety risk.

    As well as the safety aspect, it is also worth remembering that animals, just like humans, look better in nicely fitted clothes. Again, just like humans, dogs vary in size and physique. So, choosing your measurements based on a stock list of sizes depending on the breed of your dog isn’t the greatest idea.

    Manufacturers of these garments will tend to advertise them with one measurement, however, in order to get the best fitted outfit for your dog, a number of different measurements would be a certain advantage. When measuring your dog it is often best to take them in both cms and inches, just to be on the safe side.

    So, here is Equine Superstore’s guide to the different measurements required for fitting a dog...


    Three Basic Measurements

    The three basic measurements that you need to be aware of when fitting your dog for a new coat are the topline, girth and the neck. These are what will be needed for the majority of basic garments. The neck is pretty self explanatory, but just to clarify, it is usually measured from where your dog’s collar would naturally rest - from the top of the chest at point E (see the diagram above) - to just above the animal’s withers around point F. You can also take the neck measurement all the way around too.

    The topline measurement is the length of the animal’s back, which is taken along the top of the spine from the withers in point A to the highest part of the back, situated between the shoulders. You then measure from this point, along the back to the base of the animal’s tail at point B.

    The girth of your dog is also sometimes referred to as its chest measurement. This is taken all of the way around the largest part of your dog’s rib cage at point C, to the area just behind its front legs at point D and then back around to join at point C again. You are technically measuring the entire circumference of the dog using points C and D as guides for where your tape measure should sit.


    More Specific Measurements

    If you are buying some more specialist garments for your little friend then you may want to take a number of other measurements, based on your supplier’s request.

    You will sometimes be required to measure your dog’s head, good luck! This is usually taken from just in front of the animal’s ears, around point G, to beneath the jaw at point H and then back up around to point G again. The method of taking this measurement is similar to that of the dog’s girth mentioned above. You may need to measure your dog’s head for a range of headwear from snoods to hoods.

    It is also possible that you may need to measure the back of your pet’s neck. If this is the case then that measurement will vary depending on what you are measuring it for. If you are purchasing them a stylish snood then you will need to measure from point G, above the ears, to the neck at its standard collar level on point F. If, on the other hand, you are buying a hood or a turtleneck-style piece then you will want to start your measurement at point G again, however, this time you will want to measure down to the withers at point A.

    If you are looking to buy a chest warmer or belly protector then you may be asked to supply the manufacturer with an under chest measurement. This will be taken from point E to point L, beneath the dog.

    And finally, the waist measurement is measured around the dog, from just behind the last rib, at point L, up around the body to point M and back around to L again.


    Three pieces of dog clothing on Equine Superstore

    At Equine Superstore, as well as stocking a huge variety of equestrian gear and clothing, we also sell a number of cracking products for your smaller pets. So, why not take a look at these great options for your dog? 

    The Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D with Bell Wrap Medium Dog Rug features a fully breathable and waterproof 1200D denier outer shell and has been triple woven to ensure that it is extremely durable. There is also a warm insultating polyfill, which is perfect for older dogs who need that extra bit of TLC. This cosy dog rug also features easy to use adjustable touch tape closures and there is also a belly wrap for that extra bit of warmth and protection.


    The Weatherbeeta Tweed Dog Coat offers your dog extreme comfort whilst also making sure that they look incredibly stylish in this toasty tweed dog coat. Your canine friend will be the envy of all of his or her furry friends when they see this dog coat. The Weatherbeeta Tweed dog coat features a full wrap chest and belly closures with a large collar with a leash hole for extra warmth, comfort and protection.


    The Weatherbeeta Quilted Dog Rug offers warmth, comfort and features a soft brushed cotton quilted outer fabric. It is perfect for those milder days, or when your dog needs that touch of extra protection from the cold when they are indoors. There is also an easy to use, adjustable touch tape closure. 


    So, there you have it, three smashing varieties of dog coat. If none of these take your fancy, then why not browse all of the other dog coats for sale on Equine Superstore?


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