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    Kennel policy causes distress to dogs

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 21 July 2011

    German Pointer’s owners have criticised the kennel policy for not letting their dog out for the weekend after it had gone missing.

    Pepper, a 7-year-old German Pointer, went missing from Verity Perry's home in Rosevidney on 8th July. Dog’s owners had been looking for the dog till the following morning when it turned out that the dog was being kept in a Penzance kennel. When pet’s owner went to the kennel in order to have their dog back, they were told that the dog could not be sent home without a dog warden being present. As the dog was very close to its mother and they were both suffering from separation anxiety the vet was called immediately in order to contact the kennel and ask them to release the dog in the interests of animal welfare. 

    However, due to the kennel policy the dog was let out on Monday morning. According to, a spokesman for Cornwall Council said that the kennels are not authorised to release a stray dog out of hours.

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