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    Kidnap victim Gina DeJesus to adopt dog that comforted her during ordeal.

    NewsWorld Dog NewsWednesday 05 June 2013
    The kidnap victim Gina DeJesus from the Ohio kidnappings is set to adopt one of Ariel Castro’s dogs to aid in comforting her in her horrific ordeal of being held captive for around 10 years in his tiny house.
    Somewhere along her ordeal, Gina DeJesus managed to befriend one of the three small dogs called Lola who is a terrier mix. Reports suggested that Castro allowed the women to interact with the dogs but would take them away as a form of punishment.
    All three dogs were offered exclusively first to the victims however it was only DeJesus who took the offer. The other two are being kept in Cleveland kennels and they will be up for adoption to the public soon. The other two are a 3 year old Shih Tzu named Drake and the other is a Chihuahua named Dina.
    The attorney for DeJesus understood she wanted the dog so arranged with the kennels to go ahead and pick it up.
    In charge of the dogs currently is John Baird who is a dog warden. He said that all dogs were well behaved. He commented that
    'They are very nice dogs, well behaved,' Baird said. 'They're all healthy and easy to get along with...they run up and are friendly to people, and they get along well with each other.'

    DeJesus went missing when she was just aged 14 in 2004 while walking home from school. She was friends with Castro’s daughter so had a natural trust link with him.
    Horrific details emerged of the 10 year ordeal including chains and tapes inside the house and the women being locked away in the rooms for days at a time. It was only after Charles Ramsay and another individual noticed one of the girls banging on the door that they rescued them from Castro’s house.
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: LJWhitmire
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