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    Kiev getting rid of stray dogs in brutal fashion with hit squads

    NewsWorld Dog NewsTuesday 13 August 2013
    Authorities in the city of Kiev, Ukraine are taking harsh measures in order to rid the city of stray dogs. This includes the dogs being slaughtered with poison or a single shot to the head. This is being done on the grounds of public health.
    They are said to be over 18,000 stray animals in Kiev with the majority being made up by dogs.
    The dog hunters share tips amongst themselves where the strays are forming and also tips on what sort of poison to use. Once they find their targets they are deadly and will kill them. They even have a website where this information gets shared. On here they post photos of the dead dogs and call the dogs “flea carriers”.
    One such dog hunter is Oleksiy Sviatohor who is a lawyer. He claims that killing dogs is similar to cleaning up the trash and sees it as a solution to the stray dogs problem. The poison he gives is an anti-tuberculosis medication that causes a relatively fast and painless death.  However Tamara Tarnavska, an animal rights campaigner said that "An animal takes five or six hours to die in agony," 
    Although, campaigners fight strongly against it, only one person has been sent to jail. Oleksiy Vedula, who tortured and killed more than 100 dogs and was sentenced to four years in jail.
    Ukraine is certainly no stranger to animal welfare controversies. In the run up to the 2012 Euro Cup there were numerous pictures of stray dogs all around the city and this sparked off a huge campaign that led to visits by many foreign vets, animal charities and activists which helped sort out the problem. With the football now having been and gone, it appears the problem has returned.
    The charity Four Paws actually moved its operation out of the city after receiving death threats posted on its website. Amir Khalil who was in charge of the operation said that . "They said I could be killed exactly like happened to a judge in Kharkiv," This was referring to a judge found decapitated in his flat together with three members of his family in December 2012.
    "They said: 'We don't need foreigners to castrate our dogs!'
    On the one hand some citizens of Kiev are supportive of the dog hunters however others are deeply concerned due to home raised dogs eating poison left out.
    The debate is heating up…
    Source: The Guardian
    Photo: Wikimedia
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