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    Lost toddler in Poland kept alive overnight by her dog

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsMonday 04 March 2013

    A toddler who went missing from her home in a village in western Poland has been discovered alive after her pet dog snuggled to her overnight to help keep her warm in sub-zero temperatures. 

    Three-year-old Julia, went missing on Friday night and was lost in a freezing marsh. 
    She was last seen playing in her back garden with the dog, however, was discovered in the 
    marshy area, several kilometres away. 
    Her parents had feared that she was dead, however, she was discovered safe with mongrel Czarue, lying in the marsh crying for her mother. 
    According to the Mirror, rescuer Grzegorz Szymanski said: “For the whole night the animal never left her. It was five degrees below zero.”
    Julia was in hospital last night with frostbite after being found on Saturday following a search by 200 people, launched on Friday.
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