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    Loyal dog turns up at Chinese bus stop every day searching for owner

    NewsMonday 09 September 2013
    A dog in Chengdu, China, has won over the hearts of the local community after it was spotted routinely appearing at bus stops in search of its master. 
    The dog has been nicknamed “Huang Huang” by the local bus drivers and has become a common sight at a bus stop near the Guangyan Buddhist temple’s parking lot in Chengdu city.
    According to the bus staff, who were interviewed by the local paper, Huaxi Metropolis Daily, the dog has appeared at the bus stop consistently for the past 15 days and checked all of the buses that have parked there. 
    A ticket seller on the buses told the paper: “Every day I go to Guangyan temple five times, and every day that dog will hop on board my bus to give it an ‘inspection.
    “At first I thought it was looking for food, but I later realised that it was looking for its owner.”
    According to the ticket seller, Huang Huang would be at the bus stop at eight in the morning and wouldn’t miss checking any of the vehicles that stopped there until around six in the evening. 
    Another worker from the parking lot, named Gou Hiquin, told the reporters that as soon as any of the buses would turn up, the dog would immediately peer at the windows, before jumping on board and sniffing about, occasionally looking up at the passengers. 
    Some of the bus drivers have recalled seeing Huang Huang along with its master at the temple half a month ago. However, they couldn’t state what had happened to the dog’s owner. Most of them have assumed that the dog had been abandoned. 
    One of the bus drivers considered taking the dog home, but felt that such a decision would be premature. 
    The driver, whose surname is Fung, told the Huaxi Metropolis Daily: “We’re worried that its owner might be looking for it and might come back to it.
    “Such a loyal dog … Who would be willing to part with it? I can only hope that it’ll quickly be reunited with its owner and won’t have to wait here at the bus stop every day.”
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