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    Man banned from keeping animals after his dog gets injured

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 20 October 2011

    A 41-year-old man with mental health and alcohol problems has been banned from keeping animals after he had failed to seek veterinary help for his injured dog.

    The man was reported to the RSPCA by one of the nieghbours who saw him trying to walk his dog that was suffering from injuries. The 7-month-old dog Ben got hit by one of the men that were in the house. The dog's owner admitted that he was regularly beaten by thugs in his own home and that they also hit the dog. The defendant admitted he drank alcohol on a regular basis and before his interview he had drank a three litre bottle of strong cider. The man has had learning difficulties and has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic with a psychotic mental condition. According to the Norhtern Echo, the Social Services had intervened after his home had been "invaded by persons with no right to be there, indulging in illicit habits, including drug involvment and syringes".

    The dog's owner admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and not taking in to the vet when it needed it and was banned from keeping animals and ordered to pay a total of £80 by Hartlepool magistrates. The court heard that the dog, who will never walk properly, has recovered and has been rehomed.

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    Text source: The Northern Echo; image


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