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    Man Googled How To Kill His Rottweiler Then Abandoned Her To Die in a Sewage-Filled Garden

    NewsWednesday 17 December 2014


    Cruel Anthony Christie fed Rottweiler Elsie paracetamol and chicken bones after searching online for how to 'speed up the process' of death from natural causes. Then he left her in his sewage-filled garden to suffer and die. 



    A concerned neighbour spotted 13 year old Elsie, and tried to feed her by throwing chicken over the wall. Unfortunately, despite obviously being starving, Elsie was unable to stand up for long enough to eat the chicken. The neighbour then called the RSPCA - the next day an inspector was sent round and the dog was taken to the vet.

    Elsie - who should have weighed around 38kg - was a shocking 25kg, suffering from leg and elbow injuries, skin disease, hair loss and had green fluid weeping from her eyes. Unfortunately this story does not have a happy ending - due to the level of her suffering the vet  decided that it would be best to put Elsie to sleep and end her pain. 

    Christie, 41, and his partner Kirsty Marie Henderson, 29, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges. They shockingly avoided a prison sentence but instead were banned from keeping cats and dogs for 10 years and given six months of supervision by probation.

    Christie has hoped his pet would die of natural causes, and took to google to find out how he could 'speed up the process'. Gavin Sword, who defended Christie, said that he had wanted Elsie to die at home.

    'He knew she was on her way out, as he put it,' Sword added, 'He had been on Google and apparently it was acceptable to give the dog paracetamol. He did that as a home remedy.'

    Magistrate Lynda Scanlan said to the couple: ''You don't know how close you have come today to going to custody. What happened to that poor animal was absolutely despicable. You lived there, you saw the way that dog was deteriorating. You had children in the house. If it wasn't for the kindness of the neighbour, how much longer would that animal have suffered? That dog is dead. That dog suffered lying in that garden and you did nothing about it.'

    If you suspect animal cruelty happening near you please contact the RSPCA's cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or report it online here 


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