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    Man in hospital for three days after Swindon dog attack

    NewsThursday 19 September 2013

    After a man was savagely attacked by a dog in Swindon, he has revealed his fear that the animal may still be out there.

    Jordan Drury, who was the victim of the attack and is a local from Swindon, ended up spending three days in hospital.

    Drury suffered serious injuries to the face and arms in the attack, which occurred on the 4th September 2013.

    He was walking his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, called Otis, along the Angel Ridge housing estate in Swindon, when a bulldog-type dog attacked the pair of them.

    Local detectives are now attempting to find the owner of the animal in question.

    When speaking to BBC News, Mr Drury said that he was walking his 18-month-old spaniel around his neighbourhood when he spotted a sticky white dog running towards them.

    He said: "It was off the lead and as it got nearer the woman [who was with the dog] shouted to me to pick up my dog," he said.

    "I tried to hold my dog as high as I could and protect him but the other dog kept snapping and launching itself and it was very strong."

    The attacking dog was “snapping repeatedly” and Mr Drury said that the dog had his spaniel’s hind legs in its mouth and also managed to knock him to the floor.

    "At one point my glasses were taken off, my nose was bitten and it had latched on to my forearm - and it took a chunk out of my arm," he said.

    "I was trying to make my escape but by this time I was covered in blood."

    After the attack Mr Drury then spent three days in hospital and he even had to undergo surgery. Even after the surgery, Mr Drury has still yet to regain full use of his left arm.

    He has said that as well as being traumatised, he is also suffering from flashbacks. However, his main worry is the fact that the dog could still be out there.

    The police are conducting a house-to-house search, enquiring about the attack, in search of the white, bull-dog-type animal.

    The search is being carried out in the Angel Ridge and Okus areas.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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