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    Manchester hero aged 71 stops dog from attacking woman

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 06 September 2013
    A hero pensioner was able to pull two vicious dogs off an elderly woman after the dogs launched a shocking attack. Police are not trying to trace the owners of the dogs.
    The woman in the attacked needed treatment by paramedics and her pet Yorkshire terrier was killed in the nasty attack.
    Thomas Smith, 71, spotted the dogs attacking the woman as he was outside his home in Tatton Street in Salford and he was even bitten himself as he split the dogs from attacking the woman.
    The dogs are known in the area and had been spotted loose in the estate in recent days. Mr Smith is worried that more people could be hurt including children.
    Mr Smith commented that “I looked out of my window and I saw the lady walking her own dog and saw these two stray dogs approaching her.
    “Straight away I could tell something was going to happen and I ran outside.
    “The woman was really panicking and trying to get the dogs off her and they pushed her to the deck and kept attacking her. I tried to pull them off her but one turned on me and gave me a bite before I managed to shoo them away. They killed her dog.
    “It’s incredibly worrying. I felt if I hadn’t stepped in they could have ripped her face off and what if it’s a small child next time?”
    The police are now looking into the incident which took place at 9:15am on Sunday. A spokesperson commented that “We are investigating the incident and currently trying to track down the owners of the dogs so we can speak to them about what happened and also about the control of the dogs.”

    Photo: Deviant Art
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