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    Massive dog fight ring raided

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsThursday 01 March 2012
    Dog fights
    Scotland investigators say a tip about a suspected dog fighting ring in Laurinburg lead to raid in Maxton that included 27 arrests and the seizure of 18 dogs and a host of weapons, drugs and money.
    With assistance from the North Carolina Law Enforcement and FBI Safe Streets Task Force, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at the home of Frank Jacobs, of 8600 Ray Locklear Road in Laurinburg.
    Authorities said they believed Frank Jacobs had been organizing dog fights.
    “We had eight outstanding warrants for his arrest in Scotland County,” Sheriff Shep Jones said.
    Jacobs wasn’t at home when agents executed the search warrant at his home. Investigators said that they soon learned that he was in attendance at a dog fight that was taking place at the home of Jimmy Jacobs, on McLeod Drive in Maxton.
    Agents and officers arrived as the dog fight was in progress. Eighteen dogs were seized, several of which had serious wounds and scars from previous injuries. The dogs were treated on the scene by veterinarians from North Carolina and the Atlanta Humane Society.
    “This was the largest dog fighting ring I have ever been involved in,” Jones said.
    Alcohol Law Enforcement agents said nearly every person at the dog fight tried to flee on foot, but all were captured, some with the assistance of a N.C. Air National Guard helicopter.
    Investigators said there were people sitting on benches, consuming alcohol and watching the fight.
    “People ran in every direction,” an ALE agent said. “We didn’t stop until we had everybody in handcuffs.”
    Frank Jacobs, 60, was charged with eight counts of felony dog fighting and placed under a $35,000 bond.
    Others have been charged with offenses ranging from dog fighting, animal cruelty, animal neglect, being a spectator at a dog fight, weapons violations and possessing controlled substances, according to Jones.
    He also said that the dogs seized from Jacobs residence were being treated by veterinarians and dog examiners were identifying battle scars on the dogs.
    “Each battle scar on the dogs will result in a felony charge,” the sheriff said.
    Investigators said thwey found evidence that linked Jacobs to organized, large scale dog fighting operations that extended into Ohio, South Carolina and Maryland.
    “Dog fighting is unquestionably a cruel and vicious event,” Alcohol Law Enforcement Division Director, John Ledford, said in a release.
    “An event can last as long as several grueling hours while the dogs bite and maul each other to death,” he said. “With the help of state and federal partners, this inhumane bloodshed was stopped.”


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