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    New brand of tea launched for dogs

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 26 March 2013
    A small business from Huntingdon have developed a new brand of tea. This may not sound that exciting, however the unusual twist is that the tea is designed specifically just for dogs.
    Their new product range is called WOOF&BREW and this consists of a range of herbal teas that have been made specifically for dogs. It was announced during the recent Crufts event and has taken just 3 months to turn this from a novel idea into a reality. The teas are supplied without caffeine or milk which can be harmful to dogs but instead replaced with herbs that are known to be helpful and provide nutrition. Already the idea has said to have taken off well with the launch being touted as a success at Crufts and also a number of wholesale retailers picking up a number of orders.
    Currently there are 5 ranges to buy that are all supposed to aide a dog’s health and wellbeing.
    The tea ranges include:
    ·          Adult dogs - This helps provide general wellbeing and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
    ·          Senior dogs - To help with joints and general mobility and also improve circulation for healthier hearts.
    ·          Performance - Teas that are designed to boost stamina, concentration and their immune system.
    ·          For Skin and coats - To keep them in good condition and protect against skin allergies
    ·          Fresh breath – This can help to prevent Gingvitis and also contains natural and nutritious herbs to help freshen the dog’s breathe. (WOOF&BREW advise caution when using this tea as sometimes bad breath can be a sign to an owner that a dog is unwell.)
    If the range proves popular then WOOF&BREW are set to launch more in the near future.
    Knowing that hot drinks can be harmful for dogs the instructions for making the tea are that the bags should be heated in 250ml of boiling water for 4 minutes and then once prepared they are added to 750ml of cold water.
    Mrs Goodwin Morton, cofounder of WOOF&BREW said “Through my work in freelance brand design I met Tony Kinch, a teamaster who runs the Real Tea Cafe in Stratford-upon-Avon, Steve Bennett, who runs Dog Friendly, and Nick Gandon who has his own tea bagging machine – which is a rare commodity.”
    The products have been tested both by the director’s dogs and also a commission based test to check that the herbs are not harmful to the dogs.
    Currently they have no competition in the UK and are the only suppliers of dog’s teas. They are not however the first company to come up with this unique idea as there are teas being sold for dogs in the USA but without the use of a tea bag.  With 94% of tea being sold in the UK coming in the form of a teabag it only seems natural that dogs should have their tea delivered this way too.
    For more information on these doggy teas you can visit From here you can purchase the teas and find out more information such as the ingredients that are added to them.
    Source: Hunts Post
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