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    New survey shows that you must not share your dinner with your dog

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 10 October 2013
    A new survey by Pets at Home show that 85% of adults admit to feeding their cats and dogs non-pet food on a daily basis, some foods which can be highly toxic to dogs such as chocolate and certain fruits.
    The study by the popular retain chain was carried out on 3,000 people and the results are astonishing. The most popular food given by pet owners to their dogs is cheese which is a dairy product and dogs struggle to process any sort of diary product easily.
    Nearly a third of pet owners fed their pets fruit which can cause kidney failure and incredibly just as little as 4 grapes have been known to kill a small dog.
    Dog owners also feed their dogs chocolate which contains theobromine which is similar to caffeine. Dogs cannot handle caffeine in the same way humans can and are a lot more sensitive to it. Dark chocolate is known to be worse as it has a high cocoa content
    Ten percent of people also gave their pets tea or coffee and this is a big no-no as the caffeine can lead to heart palpitations and fits.
    A quarter of people gave their pets human busciuts which could end up causing the dogs obesity and a shortened lifespan. Other foods included bread, roast dinnerand crisps which can cause digestive problems.
    Also over half of dog owners said that they give there own food to their pets at least once a day.
    Maeve Moorcroft from Pets at Home said that owners could be killing their pets through sheer kindess. She said ‘We’ve all been there, those big beautiful eyes can be hard to resist as we’re eating and it’s so easy to just share a little of your food. However, giving in to the longing and loving looks of our pets can actually really harm them,’ she said.
    ‘Their digestive system is extremely different from ours and they often have reactions to the food we eat. It’s best to stick to pet food and a diet recommended by an expert.’
    Remember to read our guide Dogs And Puppies produced on what not to feed your dog.
    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Wikipedia
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