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    New TV channel for dogs launches in Israel

    NewsWorld Dog NewsMonday 11 March 2013
    The dangers of an untrained dog or new puppy being left in the house alone can be a nightmare. Shoes can be torn apart, sofas damaged and food stolen. An Israeli television company believe they have an answer to stop this by actually launching a tv channel just for dogs.
    The channel which consists of relaxing music and colours that dogs can hear and see is a solution that owners can use when leaving a dog on their own in the house. 
    Dogs can often be left hours on end at home and this may not be good for their development or wellbeing, at least with a tv channel they can lie down, relax and enjoy the peaceful music.
    According to the channel's owner Gilad Neumann, leaving the tv on "human" news channels or animal programs can actually upset a dog due to loud and sudden noises. His tv channel hopes to offer the perfect solution for when a dog is left at home.
    If you are from Israel or have access to the televison the channel is called Dog TV and available on channel 39.
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