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    New website lunched to match up dogs from rescue centres to owners

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 03 May 2013
    A new website has been launched in the UK by two Hampstead businessmen. The site is similar to the online dating site which is a human dating site that links users up through similar attributes and tastes through a compatibility test. The same they believe could work for dogs and owners.
    The site was launched by  Farokh Khorooshi and David Lethbridge and since 2011 they have been working on it. Khorooshi specialises in animal photoshoots and Lethbridge is said to be a marketing wizard. Comining the skills of both and resulted in this website. It has now been built into an all round portal that gives loads of information about dogs and how to find the perfect one.
    When you register on the site there are a number of compatibility questions you have to fill out before you can find dogs to adopt. These range from the setup you have at home (size of house, garden available)  to how much exercise you would be able to give a dog daily. The contrast of a dating site would be, are you looking to date a male or female and what hobbies do you like so a matching partner can be found.
    As it is well known, basing a relationship solely on looks can work, but often it does not. The same can be true when picking up a dog. There is a lot to consider such as how energetic you want the dog to be, how much of a companion you need and whether it needs to do any jobs like guard a property or sheep herding. It is difficult to gauge these variables from looks alone when walking around a rescue shelter.
    The owners commented “Going just on looks never works – there has to be more, so we want the website to help with that. For example, some dogs need to walk every day, some dogs like children, others don’t, and all of this is important in creating a happy life for the dog and owner.”
    The technology behind the site then goes one step further than other dating sites. It scans rescue centres across the country for potential matches of dogs and you can arrange weekly meetings with your dog before you make a final decision.
    Mr Korooshi got the idea when his business partners dog, Barnarby, would be said when other dogs he met in parks would disappear.
    He said that "Barnaby would make so many friends when he was out walking, but then they would disappear,” he said. “It was because they were bought when they were little puppies and then their owners would realise the dog wasn’t going to be right, so they would have to return the dogs to the shelter.
    “This website prevents dogs ending up back in shelters and it promotes rehoming, rather than just going to a puppy farm and getting a dog for Christmas.”
    On the website there is useful breed information, your chance to  take a compatibility test and also dogs that are available for adoption.

    Photo: Spot Reporting

    Source: Ham High

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