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    Nine lurcher puppies abandoned in a box are named after the Downtown Abbey cast

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 03 October 2013
    Staff at the Blue Cross charity had the unfortunate task of being given nine abandoned puppies (not pictured) with the challenging aim of having to look after them,  maintain their wellbeing and of course, the hardest challenge, finding them responsible families. To help with this, they came up with naming them after the Downtown Abbey cast.
    The puppies were discovered by a woman out walking her dog in a park in the middle of Southampton. The dogs themselves are lurcher cross breeds and were said to be in a terrible state when found in the box.
    The team were able to check the puppies and considered them all to be in good health.
    Laura Boyle who is the rehoming supervisor at the Blue Cross centre said that 'Everyone seems to be talking about the new series so the team decided to name them after some of the cast.
    'We hope they will be just as popular with potential new families when they go up for rehoming.'

    'We don't know how long they had been abandoned for but they were all very hungry and thirsty.
    'She brought them to us where we gave them all a good check-up and they seem to be in good health.
    'After a tasty meal they felt much better and are typical bright and bouncy pups.'
    It is doubtful that the actual cast of Downtown Abbey will be looking after the dogs as they were banned from bringing their dogs to work by the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon after the other dogs at the estate were scared and traumatised by the additional dogs.
    Users on social media websites reacted with dismay at how anybody could bring themselves to dump an animal but praised the efforts of the Blue Cross for doing such a good job. 
    Source: Daily Mail
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