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    Northampton dog walkers face £80 fine for failing to clear up after their pooch

    NewsUK Dog NewsFriday 30 March 2012
    UK Dogs & Puppies

    Dog walkers have been warned they could be slapped with £80 fines if they fail to clear up after their pooch.

    A campaign to remind dog owners of what could happen if they don’t pick up their mutt’s mess will be launched by Northampton Borough Council in April.

    The campaign aims to raise awareness of the issue, encourage more dog owners to pick up after their pets and appeal to the public to report incidents and problem areas to the council so that targeted action can be taken.

    Campaign posters and lamppost stickers will be going up across the town as the council’s neighbourhood wardens prepare for a three-month crackdown on anyone they see not clearing up after their dogs.

    Verbal warnings, written warnings and Fixed Penalty Notices of £80, which if not paid could lead to a fine of up to £1,000, will be handed out to those spotted not clearing up their dog’s mess.

    Councillor John Caswell, Northampton Borough Council cabinet member for the environment, said: “Dog mess is unpleasant as well as a serious health hazard that can lead to blindness.

    “There are many responsible dog owners who do pick up after their pets, but this campaign aims to raise awareness of the problem and make more dog owners do the responsible thing.

    “There’s no excuse not to clean up, as there are hundreds of dog-waste bins and even more general litterbins around the town.

    “Not to clean up is a crime and we will be cracking down on it.”

    The campaign will be launched in Eastfield Park on Tuesday, April 3.

    Councillor Caswell will be joining neighbourhood warden Andrew Cullinane, his six-year-old lurcher Bayley and chairman of the Friends of Eastfield Park Vic Smith to put up campaign posters and stickers.

    After the launch neighbourhood wardens will be working together to carry out impromptu patrols across the rest of the town and hope to encourage members of the public to tell them if they witness repeat incidents or know of a particular problem area.

    Source: Northampton chronicle

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