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    Northamptonshire police dogs helped catch 300 criminals in 12 months

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 15 October 2013
    Over the last 12 months almost 300 criminals have been arrested thanks to the actions of Northamptonshire’s police dogs in the county. The force’s dog unit has 12 general purpose German shepherds, seven drug dogs and one specialist recovery dog. They are called to more than 3,000 incidents in Northamptonshire a year and an average of eight a day.
    PC Ian McDonald is one of the dog handlers and notes that his dog Roddy has even surprised him before with his hard and dedicated work rate. After tracking down a criminal along a road in Northampton and finding and arresting one man, Roddy was let off to go about his own way. Instead of rushing to the car or approaching the arriving unit, he instead went to a nearby fence where the criminals associate was hiding.
    Another dog also under Pc Mdonald’s control kept syanding next to a discarded box of KFC chicken. Telling the dog off for going near the chicken, he actually discovered there was rightful cause and below the chicken carcass a stash of drugs was found.
    Being a police dog is not easy though and many cannot handle it. Usually they have far too much energy in them and many families will call the police and say that a new puppy is too much for them. This is usually an appropriate candidate for training.
    The force has taken dogs from neighbouring forces, rescue centres and even 4 dogs from as far away as Hungary.
    The dogs have to be extremely skilled. One the one hand they might have to find a missing child and just sit with them barking. On the other side, they will have to chase a criminal with the intent of disabling him from moving. 
    Photo: Wikipedia
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