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    Over 84 animals destroyed by the police force despite families wanting to adopt them

    NewsUK Dog NewsThursday 26 September 2013
    After we brought you the news that the MoD had destroyed hundreds of military dogs after faithful years of service it has now come to light that police forces across the UK have destroyed over 84 dogs some of which are said to be just 4 months old. It has also been revealed that the retired dogs have been destroyed despite families which are keen to adopt them.
    The news came out in The Sun newspaper after discovering that the MoD destroyed two RAF dogs that helped guard the base that Prince William was staying at. Brus and Blade were destroyed just days after he left the service.
    Kay Burley who works for Sky News and is a patron for the retired police dog charity Fireside K9 was not happy with the way the dogs were treated especially after the years of service that they put in for the country.
    ‘These dogs have put their lives on the line for us, so now we need to say thank you and treat them in their retirement with the respect they deserve. We have to do something to stop them facing the same awful fate as Prince William’s guard dogs.’
    There are currently 22 retired police dogs in West Yorkshire that are being cared for by their former handlers, all acting police offiers. PC Matthews who is a dog handler for 5 years says that in West Yorkshire, the officers are given £500 once the dog has retired to help cover the costs. A lot of officers may struggle though and may have to make a heart breaking decision about whether to look after the dogs simply because of the expenses of medical and vet bills.
    In comparison, in the USA, dogs receive a life-time pension to cover for their care and food bills after their years of service.
    Rev Wilcock from the FiresideK9 charity said that 'We set up FiresideK9 because police dogs are more than just tools to do a job. That may apply to our vehicles, our helicopter and our kit - but our dogs are more than that. 
    'They are partners, loyal colleagues, and trusted friends. An officer may spend as much time in the company of their dog as with their family. It is essential that when they retire there is support and care made available to them until the natural end of their lives. 
    'Military and police dogs are incredible animals and should only be put to sleep when all the other actions have been ruled out. We believe these dogs have dedicated their lives to us - now it is time to return that favour.’
    One PC officer said that dogs could be compared to his human colleagues; 'They are hard-working, highly trained four-legged crime fighters. They are used for tracking people and property, Firearms Support and are often first through the door to clear a room before an officer enters.
    ‘I know first-hand how these dogs never falter in their duty to protect their handler and the public and I think offering them this support in their retirement is the least we can do.’
    The Association of Chief Police Officers said: ‘Across the police only dogs with behavioural problems are destroyed.’ 

    Source: Daily Mail
    Photo: Annie Mole
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