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    Part-blind rottweiler pup and brother seek new home

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 05 June 2012

    These two tiny rottweiler puppies are the only survivors from a little of five who were dumped at Battersea Dogs and Cats home recently.

    Little Layla is only five weeks old but in that short time she has found herself without her mum and has been left partially blind as her left eye did not form properly.

    Her eye has not fully opened and Battersea’s clinic team think that she may never be able to see out of it.

    She is pictured along with her brother Shaun after the pair were brought into the home when they were only a few hours old. Sadly, their three other littermates did not survive.

    At this young age, the puppies should be under the supervision of their mother learning how to interact with other dogs and people so Battersea staff are doing all that they can to give them the best new start in life.

    They are being fostered by Battersea Canine Welfare Trainer Helen Stone who is providing them with the round-the-clock care they need.

    Ms Stone said: "The puppies are such a joy to have with me at the moment, they bring a smile to the faces of everyone that they see.

    "It’s been a very hard few weeks for them to go through so much at such a young age but we hope that they will make a full recovery and go on to have long, happy lives with new owners."

    Layla and Shaun are two of 37 puppies who are currently in Battersea’s care after being abandoned, born in the Home or brought in by owners who could not look after them.

    Carly Perry, Battersea’s Rehoming Coordinator, said: "These puppies really do deserve the security and comfort of a permanent, loving home.

    "To be away from their mother so soon into their little lives must have been very difficult for them but the team here at Battersea have done absolutely all that they can to set them on the right path to a happy future.

    "We would love to hear from people who can make the long-term commitment to care for a Battersea puppy."

    Source: Surrey Comet

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