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    Pensioner throws dog poo at cyclist - ends up in court

    NewsUK Dog NewsTuesday 12 November 2013

    A pensioner has been convicted of assault after tipping a bag of dog mess over a cyclist. 

    Susan Currall, 75, emptied the bag of her dog’s mess onto the victim after becoming angered at cyclists “hurtling” towards her when she is out and about. 

    The victim, Michael Ramage, 40, was cycling at the time the poo incident took place. 

    Currall, who used to work for the British Embassy in the USA, swung the bag of dog muck at the Mr Ramage, who is a Cambridge University fellow, a court heard. 

    She then held the bag up to allow the poo to spill out all over him and his clothes. 

    Mr Ramage, who is an architecture lecturer at the university released a statement that was read aloud by a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, prosecutor Paul Brown. 

    It stated that Curral had covered him in the poo before telling him to “go cry to your mummy”. 

    Currell then called Mr Ramage a “big bully”.

    Speaking to reporters outside Cambridge Magistrates Court, Currall said: "He was close enough for me to reach out, so I attacked him with the poo bag."

    Monica Lentin, mitigating, claimed that her client was "provoked" by Mr Ramage because he got too close to her.

    She said: "I think many people who are pedestrians in Cambridge would agree that having cyclists and pedestrians together doesn't work. The pedestrians do feel extremely harassed and I feel the same way myself.

    "What makes it worse is you get lots of young men with powerful bikes riding at speed without any conscience that older people can't get out of the way easily.

    Currall was ordered to pay £100 costs and £25 compensation to Mr Ramage to cover his dry cleaning bill.

    She later told the News that she did not mean for the bag to split and said the fact it had ended up in court was “ridiculous”.


    Picture: Foshie

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