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    Pining dogs Skype 'chat' with owners during work

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsTuesday 08 May 2012
    dogs and puppies

    Dog owners forced to leave their dogs while they’re at work are turning to Skype to talk to their pooches left pining for them at home.

    In a new trend sweeping the US dog owners are creating Skype accounts in their dog’s name and setting their system so that it comes on automatically at home when they call, according to the Daily Mail.

    New Yorker Tom Roszkowski was curious about what his pup Pizza did while he was away at the office so set up a Skype account.

    “It started as being curious and wanting to check she was OK. Then people at work started asking me how Pizza was doing and now when I Skype her everyone gathers around to say Hi.”

    Source: Belfast Telegraph

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