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    Pomsky Puppies do the funniest things

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsFriday 07 March 2014

    Dog videos, sometimes they can be the simplest video and it will go viral in minutes. This month we are concentrating on Pomsky Puppies in the UK. There are plenty of videos on the internet of crazy dogs videos. We could find 100s of them; the talking dog, the guilty dog from chewing up the sofa or the sleeping dog who gets the fright of his life. We wanted to find some cute videos of Pomsky Puppies just being cute little puppies; running around the house or messing around with children or just messing around and being naughty little terrors.

    I think what we love most about these videos is the things that the Pomskies get up to. As they are still Pomsky Puppies they are new to everything that is going on in the world and the smallest thing will make them jump or go crazy! This is why we love filming them and sharing these videos all around the world and from looking at the view counts on these videos, we all LOVE watching them.

    We have looked all over the internet and found you the cuties Pomsky Puppies for you all to watch and share around, but mainly to make cute little noises at.

    Watch and enjoy….

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