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    Pomsky Puppy: A Complete Guide to This Popular Dog Breed

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsTuesday 18 February 2014
    Pomsky (Pomeranian / Husky Hybrid Dogs)
    The Pomsky is not a purebred dog, it’s a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. They are sometimes referred to as Huskeranians. A Pomsky is one of the latest designer hybrids. Some people find it difficult to understand the temperament of cross breeds. The best way to work out the temperament of a Pomsky is to look up both breeds.
    Pomskies are prized for their tiny size, with the smaller more designer dogs having a higher price than their regular sized counterparts. A Pomsky is expected to weigh half the size of its parents. A very rough estimate would be around 9kgs. As this is still a new breed, people are still discovering the traits of a Pomsky.
    Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies very intelligent. When looking for a Pomsky Puppy you need to make sure that you look into the breeders, you really need to do your research. Purchasing a Pomsky Puppy from a ‘Bogus Breeder’ can be very risky as these individuals tend to breed the first set of parents and wouldn’t have taken the time to do the research to assess the breed and the temperaments.
    It is a known fact that Pomeranians have dental problems. The mains problems are tooth loss and a build-up of plaque. When purchasing a Pomsky you should consider having a vet dental nurse to look over their teeth every 12 months. You can keep on top of this by checking their teeth on a monthly basis, and if you notice anything out of place, visit of vet.
    A Pomksy is the perfect pet to purchase in the UK at the moment. When looking to purchase a Pomsky puppy you should be ready to ask the breeder some questions…here are some tips :-
    1.  What is their response like to your questions? If they are being quite vague or evasive when you’re                   asking questions about the Pomsky, this could be a warning sign.
    2.  Do they have any referrals from other customers?
    3.  Have you seen the parents of the Pomsky, or seen any photos? If a breeder can’t take 5 minutes to take a      photo of the parents, but is asking you to spend a lot of money, I would look for another breeder.
    4.  When making payment, ensure there is full accounting of your purchase.
    5.  Be in control of the situation, after all it’s your money you’re handing over
    Like any puppy you need to take a few basic steps when purchasing a Pomsky. You need to make sure you can provide the right environment. Make sure you have a cage with a lock. I would suggest getting some newspaper, and lining the bottom of the cage. This is a great for when they need to go to the toilet. When taking them home, remember it is entering into a completely new environment, and will need to adjust. When sleeping at night, it is very common for the puppy to cry for your attention. Try and leave the Pomsky, as long term, this will prevent this from happening. It will be very inquisitive for the first couple of weeks so let it find its feet. It may trip over, fall over…but that’s just the learning process.
    Over time your Pomsky will grow into a fully grown bundle of fun! Make sure you update us with photos and video!
    Here is a video of 2 week old Pomsky Puppies
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