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    Puppy in Middlesbrough survives after swallowing 26in metal chain

    NewsGeneral Dog NewsTuesday 30 April 2013

    A puppy in Middlesbrough has survived after biting off quite a bit more than it could chew. The Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, called Buster, swallowed a 26in (66cm) metal chain after munching on his own lead and had to be rushed to have emergency surgery. 

    Buster, who is nine-months-old, had playfully taken his chain from the table and, after his owner Jackie Stephenson and her partner Des Connor rushed him to the vets at the town’s PDSA, surgery was undertaken to surgically remove the lead from his stomach. 
    Luckily the surgery was successful and Buster is now on the road to recovery.
    Ms Stephenson, 38, told the BBC: "I was in bed ill at the time, when Des came running upstairs and told me that Buster had swallowed his lead, which is a metal chain measuring over 2ft.
    "At first I didn't believe it. I ran around turning the house upside down looking for the chain.
    "I didn't think there was any way that he could do that. Plus he's always been such a good puppy and never tried to eat anything before."
    Mr Connor said that he was on the phone and noticed Buster reaching up to take his lead. 
    He also spoke to the BBC saying: "By the time I caught up with Buster I saw the end of the chain slip down his throat," he added.
    Though the dog didn’t show any signs of illness, the couple took him to Middlesbrough’s PDSA hospital where he was examined and X-rayed.
    PDSA veterinary surgeon, Mary Tonge, said: "We examined Buster's stomach and couldn't feel anything unusual. It wasn't until we X-rayed him that we saw the true picture.
    "He must have swallowed the chain in one go. It was just lying in his stomach and luckily hadn't passed into his intestines, which would have been potentially deadly."
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