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    Roger Utley, a dog owner, has taken the lead with a new campaign to keep dogs running free

    NewsUK Dog NewsWednesday 04 July 2012
    Dogs and Puppies

    Mr Utley, 61-year-old, has taken the lead of a protest over one part of the Stroud District Council's proposed new dog control orders.

    He usually exercises his Labrador Inka off the lead around Bisbley. Still if the "onerous" and "wide-ranging" restrictions in the draft orders were passed he and Inka's outings would have to be on the lead in future.

    Rob Weaver, the district’s environmental protection manager has already 50 responses to the dog control order proposals.

    Though Mr Utley says it shouldn’t be difficult for responsible dog owners to carry out with the “order’s other requirements to scoop poop and keep dogs out of children's play areas”, according to This is Gloucestershire, there is a “problem with a proposal to make it an offence to have a dog off a lead on any public road, pavement or grass verge which is within 4m of the carriageway, maintained at public expense and subject to a speed limit of 40mph or less.”

    "This may look like a storm in a teacup but, at its heart, it's another example of lazy law making. Faced with a small number of people indulging in anti-social behaviour, the solution is to impose a wide-ranging restriction on the freedom of the law abiding majority," said Mr Utley.

    On the other hand, Mr Weaver said: "We want to ensure the orders, which are still in draft form, are effective and practical in the real world and will be carefully considering the responses to help us assess whether they need reviewing or revising. "If this is the case, we will publicise the revised notice for another six weeks."

    Source: This is Gloucestershire

    Photo by: Loupeznik

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